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Author Interview: Suzette Turner-Clark LCSW/S, RPT-S

Hey there, friends! Today we welcome therapist-author, Suzette Turner-Clark. We're excited to learn from Suzette. She is a published author and therapist of 21 years with vast experience in the modality of  play therapy.  

Suzette Turner-Clark is an author and psychotherapist with a family therapy background providing therapeutic services in her private practice. As an LCSW-S and Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, she specializes in working with children and families. Suzette has taught and developed counseling and psychology classes as a Human Services faculty, serves as a workshop speaker and a professional educational course developer. She is a literature reviewer and contributor to the Association for Play Therapy’s national publication of PlayTherapy Magazine. Suzette enjoys teaching yoga and wellness as a certified yoga teacher.

Let's dive into the interview!

  1. How did you choose your topic and narrow it down to your niche?

    The specialized topic of play...

4 mistakes made by new writers you can avoid

Bloomington, Indiana is the home of Indiana University. I lived there for four years and loved every minute of it. 

It was the perfect blend of exceptional learning, a diverse campus, and an amazing social life. 

In my junior year, they opened a new restaurant, Macri’s Deli. 

Macri’s had big screen TV’s and massive sized beer mugs. Two favorites of college students in a basketball town. 

I hadn’t waitressed before but I thought it’d be fun, and I’d still get to hang out with friends who watched every basketball game. 

I learned many life lessons in Bloomington . . . even at my waitressing job at Macri's. 

Here’s my lesson: First, get your basics down and then add all the fluff. 

As a new waitress my priority was to get food on the table. 

Once customers had their food, I added the extras such as: advice on special drinks, and chatting with them.

Oh, and I learned another lesson: people get really...


Author Interview: Carol Lozier LCSW

Friends, we're starting a new series that we're really excited about: Author Interviews! Writing a book can feel daunting and a bit confusing . . . where do you even begin?  

We want to help you feel confident with a clear path as you begin your writing journey, and hear from others who have been there before. Our plan is to interview therapist-authors who have a published book, offering newer writers hope, guidance, and inspiration. 

Our first interview showcases, Carol Lozier MSW LCSW, psychotherapist, author and co-creator of Therapists As Writers. Ms. Lozier is a clinical social worker in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky. She has spent over thirty years counseling children, teens and adults in the issues of trauma, and adoption and foster care. Carol is intensively trained in DBT. 

 Ms. Lozier has published five books, and is a contributing author in two parenting books. Ms. Lozier’s most recent book, DBT Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Kids...


I’m not playing it small anymore

I was a shy, quiet kid. I was small and skinny with curly, brown hair and blue, batgirl glasses.

As a 10 year old, it was incredibly hard for me to find my voice . . . literally. 

In fact, I wouldn’t speak in class and often felt like I couldn’t push my voice out of my mouth . . . even when I wanted to. 

With my head down, warm tears gliding down my face, and a heavy feeling in my chest, adults would tower over me saying, How can I help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong??

And I wanted to tell them . . .

 . . . but the words were stuck in my throat. 

Underneath my voice was a cluster of negative self-beliefs. Thoughts like, 

I can’t speak up because . . . 

 . . . people will make fun of me. 
 . . . what I believe is wrong.  
 . . . I’m not good enough at (fill in the blank).

When I started writing books I was already a successful therapist, and spoke in front of audiences without any attacks...


My fourth book was with a big 5 publisher, but don’t let that impress you.

publishing success Mar 17, 2021

When I was offered the contract I was excited. When I saw a royalty of 10% . . .  my excitement deflated like a balloon spinning around to emptiness. 

I spent a few weeks mulling over the pros and cons of the offer. I finally landed on the idea that their reach and advertising would balance out the low, low, low rate. 

Did I mention is was a low rate??

Six months after the book launched, my editor reached out to me. He was ready to sign a new contract for a fifth book —this time for kids.

He really wanted me to jump in and sign the contract. In fact, he wrote the book proposal, and sent it to me for approval —it was quite to my surprise. 

The next week I got my first royalty check from the fourth book. Okay, not bad, I thought.

Let me just say, I’m not good at math. So it took a moment or two. 

And then it hit me. Hard. 

I could have earned so much more .. . ummmm, wow. 

So, instead of $30,000 my check was $3000 . . . are ya...


You Can Make Money Writing Books: 5 Important Decisions Before You Write

I just hopped on Clubhouse, and ran into a room titled, “Self Publishing & Grow Your Business to 6 Figures.”

Hmmm, let’s hear what they’re talking about . . .

The moderator shared about the top 6 ways to grow your business through self-publishing. 

As he talked I nodded my head. 

Yep, yep, yep . . . What???

He repeatedly said to his listeners, ”You’re not gonna make any money selling books . . . .”

Wow, not true. That’s a myth and incorrect.  

I don’t think he was being rude or purposefully misleading. I think he didn’t have the experience of a profitable book. 

Especially from a “leader” who’s “been there,” people are —knowingly or unknowing— influenced by those comments.  

So let me tell you the truth. 

First, as the author, you have important decisions to make before you even type your first page on a google doc.

  1. What is the purpose for your...

After 10 years, I've figured it out. And why reinvent the wheel? I've got a framework for creating the interior of a nonfiction book.

I’m ready to share a dark secret I’ve been keeping under wraps. 

When I’m not confident about doing something new in front of other people, I hide. I want to be invisible. I don’t want people to watch me  .  .  .  screw up.  

I’m embarrassed and ashamed even though I haven’t done anything wrong. 

Can I get an amen? Anyone else feel the sting of insecurity and self-doubt?

Impostor Syndrome is real. I know I’m typical . . . those with IS usually suffer in silence, unwilling to tell others about their fraud-like feelings. I mean, when you have IS why would you tell others about it??

Behind the one-way mirror

The room feels realllyyy small with six fresh therapists and one seasoned supervisor. (And at 25, my 35 year old supervisor seemed seasoned. Lol, yep.) 

My breathing is high in my chest and my pulse is racing up a storm. 

The seasoned lady says, Who wants to step in the room? 

Two parents...


Therapists As Writers and high top shoes

general post Feb 11, 2021

Carol’s Story

I loved wearing my blue and white high-top shoes. (They were the "it" athletic shoes in the 80’s . . . just like The Limited sweaters.) 

We each got a pair as being a part of our high school basketball team. They made me feel like I could jump higher, run faster. 

My parents would sit in the same place on the bleachers at every game. My dad’s favorite part? 

His smile was the brightest when they called my name and I ran into the game. 

I just want one of my kids to write a book. What do ya think? What could you write about? Somehow, years later, he picked me out of the sibling litter to be the one. 

To me, it felt pretty much the same…my name on the back of a jersey and on the back of a book. 

Eleven years and five books later, I know the idea would’t have stayed on my mind if my dad hadn’t asked me—again. And again. And again x10 to write a book. So, thanks dad! 

Lynn’s Story



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